2003-04-25 - 12:13 p.m.

Here's something I can talk about here even though Wendi Loo Hoo already knows this one.

I dropped Nick off at the airport (um, yeah, not for the first flight, we missed that one, anyone surprised? Anyone?) and started to drive off. I'm driving toward the office, in still Bostonish traffic.

I am, uncharactaristically neither talking to myself, or singing with the radio.

I am lost in thought, and trying not to cry. I am hidden behind my sunglasses.

I hear a beep next to me. I NEVER look when I hear people beep because I always just assume it's someone I've pissed off in traffic, or another psycho wondering where they can buy aquacultured shellfish...

I look this time.

There is a white truck next to me, stunning, beautiful, shockingly clean white truck. We know I love a pick up man.

Pick up truck man is waving at me and smiling. Pick up truck man looks like Colin Farrell only hotter. Scruff, and these eyes like I've never seen, light green rimmed thickly with brilliant blue. Not even from this planet.

I sort of smile and give him a little wave. VERY unlike me. Then I look the other direction and try not to feel uncomfortable. I mean, what's the deal here? What is the ettiquette?

He hits my window with what I assume is a pebble (Surfer boy later tells me that it was more likely a penny. Surfer boy says that when he was a teenager he and his friends would keep pennies in their car for the sole purpose of attracting the attention of deserving females in adjunct cars).

I look over. Colin is still smiling and waving. Colin motions for me to open my window.

For those of you who do not know, I don't have power windows. I have the sort of windows that make a short person such as myself FLING themselves across the entire car, which, by the way, can not be accomplished in a come hither manner, and crank down.

After a few seconds I do this. He says:

"Has anyone told you yet this morning that you're gorgeous?"

I say "As a point of fact, yes, they have."

He says "Good, you should be told that every morning. If you gave me your number I could be the guy to do that every morning."

I say, "That's very nice, but I'm not in the habit of giving my number to men I meet in traffic."

He says, "Well if you give my your address I'll meet you at your house."

I laugh and as I drive away tell him that he is going to have to find me.

So then I call Wendi and tell her that the Universe knows what it's doing. Because that could have been a real downer of a car ride, but the Universe sent me that little pick me up to remind me that the world is still full of surprises and even when you think you know how things will shake out you can still be wrong and a stranger can still make you smile.

Did Colin make it all better that Nick is gone, and all the things that implies and entails? He did not, but he reminded me that I don't have any idea what's at the next light.

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