2003-04-18 - 11:55 a.m.

This is going to seem funny given what I said in the last entry, but here we go.

You know what I really love?

Attention to detail.

Not the rambling kind when someone is telling you a story you couldn't care less about and they go on and on with for example, what uncle bob was eating while he was on the phone, not like that.

(I know you're all thinking that's exactly what I do--you can all bite me)

No, I'm working along today.

(For real, I am) Entering a bunch of chemical data for the large mouth bass tank (see, right there, you didn't care what I was doing, but I threw it in there).

Anyway, I'm entering this data and someone who's been filling out the sheets has crap penmenship. Now this isn't a novel. You fill in a 3 digit number into a space big enough for a 4 digit number. I don't need flair. I just need legibility.

I look to see if it's the same person each time and yes. Alex. Alex is my culprit

This makes me think of Trevor.

Trevor's numbers were always perfect and he always put the time in military time. He was the only one.

I'm just saying is all. (I have to add: I had to come back and edit this thing because I gave so much attention to detail that I had half words and mispellings everywhere.)

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