2003-04-18 - 3:08 p.m.

Some things are so simple.

I was thinking today about a particular friend of mine. I was thinking of what I could say to her to let her know how much her friendship means to me.

Now, if this isn't you, please don't be hurt, I love you too, if I didn't love you you wouldn't be here, but this is about HER.

So anyway, I was thinking about how much happier I've been since we've started really spending time together and how just a really amazing person she is.

She is independent in a way that always amazes me, self reliant, focused (she'd disagree with me there, but she is when it counts), intelligent and creative (again, she'd disagree but I see it).

She is a giving person, loving person, someone you can do anything, everything or nothing with.

So I was trying to think of how to say all of that and more. Then I got sidetracked, which is, of course, no great surprise.

This particular sidetrack took me to my private diary. I was struck by how many entries in my private diaries are about one person. No, not the person I'm talking about here, about some guy who...what the hell do I get to call you now? Screw it, I'm not linked to you, most of the entries in my private diary are about Tel.

Pages and pages, words and words and words about Tel. And then I found one line about the person this entry is about. It says it. Maybe not enough, but really, the simplicity of it works.

Wendi. Thank God for Wendi.

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